Economical Links for 2017.06.30

Some links to the like-minded:

My Favorite, and Least Favorite, Starter Fountain Pens (via Fountain Pen Follies)
Laura discusses some common “starter pens,” and her opinions are very similar to my own.
A peek at the Perkeo; first impressions of the new Kaweco cartridge pen (via
Introducing Nemosine Inks! (via Goulet Pens)
Nemosine is releasing their own line of ink, and the prices look good.
Taroko Design A5 Notebook (via 7thedaniel)
For my friends in the UK, here’s a reasonably-priced way to get your ink-stained mitts on some Tomoe River paper. (Now that I’m traveling to Europe more, do I need to start smuggling bringing over some Seven Seas notebooks with me or what?)
Review: Yoobi Journal (via Comfortable Shoes Studio)
A hardbound notebook that lays flat and can be had for as little as $3, with a donation to schools for every notebook sold? If you’re not that picky about your paper, this could be a winner.

In other news, I’ve started posting economical links to this magazine on Flipboard as I find them.

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