Economical Links for 2017.08.04

So I guess Herbin has a new ink coming out? Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Anyway. Here are some links to the like-minded:

Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen Review (via The Pencilcase Blog)
Fountain Pen Review: Kaweco Perkeos (via The Well-Appointed Desk)
A couple reviews of Kaweco’s new entry-level pen. I might have to pick one of these up for science.
Pen Review: Faber-Castell Loom fountain pen (via Nibspotter)
That new gunmetal grey colorway is tempting me.
If You’ve Ever Wanted To Try A Pilot Kaküno (via Inkophile)
Ten bucks will get you a Pilot Kaküno and a smiley-face nib.
At The Beginning, Is It Better To Have A Variety of Inks or Pens? (via Goulet Pens)
I don’t always agree with the advice offered on the Goulet Blog but I do agree with this post.
The extraction of lever-filler pressure bars (via David Nishimura)
I’ve been fixing up a few lever filler pens and this post on extracting pressure bars appeared at just the right time.

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