Economical Links for 2017.10.13


Here are some links to the shark-minded…

monteverde monza / jinhao 992 (via winter sharks)
Read this before buying a Monteverde Monza. Asking $16 for a rebranded Jinhao 992 is pretty damn shady.
Jinhao 992 (modified!) (via flex & other follies)
Speaking of the 992, if you can get past its fragility, its ridiculously low price makes it a good pen to practice your nib grinds on.
review: twsbi eco (via winter sharks)
winter sharks was on a roll this week with the good content, like this review of the TWSBI Eco.
Monami Olika Fountain Pen Review (via The Poor Penman)
A nice review of a pen I’ve never heard of before.
Nib Newbs! Pilot Plumix (via Anderson Pens)
Jason and Kim get fancy with a stub Pilot Plumix.
Jinhao 993 – ‘The Shark Pen’ (via 7heDaniel)
If you like Shark Week, you’ll love this pen.

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