Pentaloons Fit Your Pens Like a Comfy Pair of Pajamas

My pens work hard for me. So when it’s time to give them a much-needed rest, I let them lounge around my desk in something comfortable. Something warm and silky. I let them slip into some Pentaloons.

What could be a better place for pens to rest than in a custom pen wrap handmade from luxurious fabrics? If you know your way around a sewing machine, you’ve probably made yourself a pen wrap or two, but for those of us who don’t know our bobbin winders from our feed dogs, Amy Bowman at Pentaloons has got us (and our pens) covered.

I first heard about Pentaloons on the FPN forum way back in March. I immediately hopped on etsy and started perusing the available pen wraps at the Pentaloons store. At first, none of them jumped out as a must-have, but I noticed fabrics and colors that I liked. They just weren’t available in a pre-made combination. Thankfully, Pentaloons specializes in custom orders, so I dashed a message off to Amy with an idea in mind, and received a response from her in a few hours that yes, she could make the pen wrap I had envisioned, and at a very reasonable price, too.

Once the fee was settled, I expected to hear back from her with a shipping notice in a week, maybe two, so imagine my surprise when I received a tracking number the very next day. Four days later, I was greeted by this lovely package:

The wrap I commissioned has a charcoal grey wool exterior and a lining of blue dupioni silk, with seven pen slots.

The slots are generously sized, and fit all my pens from the super-slim Pilot Murex to the chunkier Lamy Vista. I don’t care for large pens, so I don’t know if a King of 149 Emperor or whatever will fit, but it’s a moot point as your wrap can be completely customized to fit your needs.

The fabrics are just awesome. The wool gives the wrap some heft while the silk is soft and luxurious. To close the wrap, simply fold the top edge over, roll it up, and wrap the tie around snugly. I like the simplicity of the fold-over style because it can accommodate pens in a wide range of lengths. I’m almost certain that the pens don’t touch each other when the wrap is rolled up, because the slots are wide and I can’t hear any clicking or rubbing noises.

While this pen wrap looks great on my desk, I’ve also thrown it into my messenger bag and taken it work, and to pen meetups in Portland to give my pens some social time. None of them have emerged damaged in any way.

I chose to use the blue silk for the tie, which gives the wrap a nice color contrast. The fastening pin is handmade from paper micarta.

I feel seven slots is a good number for a pen wrap. When filled with pens and rolled-up securely, this wrap is about the same diameter as a 12oz pop or beer can. But if seven isn’t your lucky number, you can commission any number from one to… well, I guess you’d have to ask Amy what’s feasible.

The pen wrap is well-made, with good sewing throughout. One seam is slightly uneven, but that’s nitpicky even for me.

I love the Pentaloons tag sewn into the lining — the punny name, the nibs en pointe — but even this is optional if you don’t want it.

So let’s talk price. This particular custom, handmade pen wrap made from wool and silk cost me $35, plus $3.25 for shipping. The price of a Pentaloons pen wrap will vary depending on a number of factors: custom vs pre-made, the fabrics chosen, the size of the wrap, etc. If you have something specific in mind, drop Amy a note and ask for a quote. I splurged on my pen wrap and I don’t regret it, especially when it’s supporting an independent business and a craftsperson making a quality product.

I’m delighted with my Pentaloons pen wrap. The fabric and stitching has held up perfectly during the eight months I’ve had it, and my pens rest in safety and comfort. It’s been a struggle not to keep hitting that order button — seriously, look at this one in wool tweed and rust silk! And this one in velvet and satin. I suppose my pens could use a smoking jacket to go with their pajamas…

This Pentaloons pen wrap was paid for with my own funds. My opinions on this blog are always my own. Please see my review ethics statement for more details.

3 thoughts on “Pentaloons Fit Your Pens Like a Comfy Pair of Pajamas

  1. Pentermezzo February 8, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Amy’s pen rolls are the bomb, and so is Amy. I wrote her with what I had in my mind. We shopped fabrics together, and I ended up with a charcoal wool roll with green raw silk inside. She has a pic of it on her site somewhere, with my Montblancs happily nested.

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