Economical Links for 2017.12.22


Some links to the like-minded…

Franklin Covey Freemont Review (via The Pen Haul)
Franklin Covey makes fountain pens. The mind boggles.
Platinum Plasir Fountain Pen Review (via The Finer Point)
Nib Newbs! Review the Lamy Safari
CHINESE PEN NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW | DEC 2017 (via Frank Underwater)
Some excellent information here. Hope this series continues.
My Pen Collection (via Winter Sharks)
A tasteful collection of economical pens.
Diamine Steel Blue: A Surprising First (via Fountain PenArchy)
Diamine makes some of the best deals in ink. I just wish US prices were more aligned with those over the pond.
Review: Peninsula Notebook (via Notebook Stories)
I love it when Moleskine knock-offs have better paper than the “original”.

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