Economical Links for 2018.01.26


Here are some links to the like-minded…

A Fountain Pen In “Bad Taste” (via Inkophile)
Kaweco Perkeo (via Her Nibs)
A pair of reviews of the Kaweco Perkeo.
Platinum Plaisir (via Flex and Other Follies)
A look at Platinum’s entry-level pen that isn’t a Preppy.
Pen Review – Pilot MR (Retro Pop Collection) (via Pen, Ink & Paper)
I really need to try to find one of these while I’m in Europe. The MR is everything that’s good about the Pilot Metropolitan, but with standard international cartridges/converters instead of Pilot’s own proprietary ones.

2 thoughts on “Economical Links for 2018.01.26

  1. Frank Underwater January 26, 2018 / 10:58 am

    Perkeo is brilliant and safe for children, I would definitely give them out to my nephew and children of my friends! Thanks for the pair of reviews!


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