Economical Links for 2018.04.20


Here are some links to the like-minded…

Nothing wrong there is, in being small and green: The Pilot 78G
Is there Anything New to Say About the Pilot Metropolitan? (via Writing for Pain and Pleasure)
Could these two be considered titans of the economical pen world?
The Moonman M2 (via The Indian Marmalade Company)
I’ve been seeing this pen all over the pen blogosphere lately.
Italix Deacon’s Doodle fountain pen review (via United Inkdom)
A meta-review of the Italix Deacon’s Doodle, a pen with an odd name but a sweet price.
The Parker Urban (via The Pen Boffin)
Dangerous Pencils and Fountain Pens (via bleistift)
We discussed airplane friendly fountain pens earlier this week, but memm brings us a story about a fountain pen being used in a rather unfriendly way.

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