Economical Links for 2017.10.20


Some links to the like-minded:

Ink Review: Five More New Colors From Monteverde (via The Gentleman Stationer)
Review: Kaweco Perkeo (Fine Nib) (via Hand Over That Pen)
Extra Fine fountain pen nibs – Writing robot & handwriting comparison (via the pen company blog)

Economical Links for 2017.10.13


Here are some links to the shark-minded…

monteverde monza / jinhao 992 (via winter sharks)
Read this before buying a Monteverde Monza. Asking $16 for a rebranded Jinhao 992 is pretty damn shady.
Jinhao 992 (modified!) (via flex & other follies)
Speaking of the 992, if you can get past its fragility, its ridiculously low price makes it a good pen to practice your nib grinds on.
review: twsbi eco (via winter sharks)
winter sharks was on a roll this week with the good content, like this review of the TWSBI Eco.
Monami Olika Fountain Pen Review (via The Poor Penman)
A nice review of a pen I’ve never heard of before.
Nib Newbs! Pilot Plumix (via Anderson Pens)
Jason and Kim get fancy with a stub Pilot Plumix.
Jinhao 993 – ‘The Shark Pen’ (via 7heDaniel)
If you like Shark Week, you’ll love this pen.

Economical Links for 2017.10.06


Some links to the like-minded:

Muji aluminium fountain pen (via Flex & Other Follies)
I keep seeing these pens and keep wanting them.
Why Digital Note-Taking Will Never Replace the Physical Journal (via Literary Hub)
I wrote a novella a few years back and used Evernote to keep track of all my notes and research. (Can we agree that being able to search across full text is incredibly useful?) So I’m not in complete agreement with this article’s premise, but it sure has a lot of pretty notebook pictures that made my writerly heart go all-aflutter.

I’ll leave you with a story from Mark Manson:

[One afternoon, a group of recent college grads returned to visit their favorite professor. They had many complaints about how difficult life was after school: long hours, demanding bosses, and how all anybody seemed to talk about or care about was money, money, money.]

After a while, the professor got up and made some coffee. He got out six cups, one for each student. Three of them were cheap disposable cups and the other three were made of his nicest porcelain. He then invited everyone to get up and help themselves.

Within seconds the bargaining had already begun. “Wait, why do you get that cup?” “No, let me have it, I drove here.” “No way, I got here first, go get your own.” The students laughed and gently chided each other over who got to drink what out of what. A silent competition among friends.

When the kids finally sat back down the professor smiled and said, “You see? This is your problem. You are all arguing over who gets to drink out of the nice cups when all you really wanted was the coffee.”

All I want is to put ink on a piece of paper. And yet…

Economical Links for 2017.09.29


A slow week for economical content, but here are some links to the like-minded:

Scout Books Notebook Review (via My Pen Needs Ink)
It’s the Costco model for pocket notebooks: buy in bulk.
Wing Sung 235 (via goodwriterspens)
Don’t let the prices fool you — the best economical pens will last for years. This pen sounds like a good one.

In other news, I ordered my 2018 Hobonichi Techo for next year and one of the new SEED A6 cases from Nock Co. My wallet’s feeling rather battered.

I’ve decided to stick with the Hobonichi for another year because it just works for me. Have you figured out your planner/bullet journal/commonplace book strategy for next year? Trying something new?

Economical Links for 2017.09.22


I’m back from my travels and still catching up on things, but here are some links to the like-minded:

The New Wing Sung(s), Explained (via FrankUnderwater)
I’m not a huge fan of knockoff clone pens, but it seems there’s more to the Wing Sung story than I assumed. Excited to see someone using the brand to produce some interesting “new-old” pens like the 618.
Wing Sung 618 (via 7heDaniel)
Speaking of the Wing Sung 618, here’s a review. (Am I helpful or what!)
First impressions: Kaweco Perkeo (via UK Fountain Pens)
Kaweco Perkeo (via Inkdependence!)
The Kaweco Perkeo (via The Poor Penman)
Check out these reviews of Kaweco’s recent shot across the Lamy Safari’s bow.

aaaannnd, I almost forgot: tonight is the Pelikan Hub! If you’re attending the hub in PDX, I will definitely see you there.