Economical Links for 2017.07.21

Bit of a quiet week, but here are a few links to the like-minded:

Back-to-School Sale Composition Book Round Up (via Comfortable Shoes Studio)
Review: Staples Number 84 Rubber Bands (via Comfortable Shoes Studio)
It’s back to school season in the US, so it’s a great time to stock up on essentials like notebooks and office supplies. Comfortable Shoes Studio did a nice round-up of some inexpensive composition books, and offers an alternative for those of us who would never pay $6 for 12 rubber bands.
Nib Newbs Review the Faber-Castell Loom (via Anderson Pens)
The Nib Newbs are back with a review of the Faber-Castell Loom, which is a well-regarded entry level pen.
Nataraj Glow Pencil Review (via Lead Fast)

Economical Links for 2017.07.14

Some links to the like-minded:

Hero 366 Fountain Pen Review (via Scribble Jot)
Notebook Review: Rosetta Notes (via The Well-Appointed Desk)
Are these the budget-friendly, fountain pen-friendly pocket notebooks of our dreams?
Notebook Review: FlipFlop Pocket Notebooks (via The Well-Appointed Desk)
Flip Flopping: Say Nice Things Flip Flop Notebook Review (via Nib & Muck)
Are these the budget-friendly, fountain pen-friendly, dot grid AND ruling-friendly pocket notebooks of a British subject’s dreams?
How to make bookmarks (via Lady Falcon Travelers)
Here’s a DIY guide to making leather tabbed bookmarks suitable for use in a Traveler’s (or similar) Notebook.
Pens & Chemistry – Materials (via The Pencilcase Blog)
A deep, very deep, dive into the chemistry behind the materials from which our beloved fountain pens are made. I grade this post an A+.

Economical Links for 2017.07.07

Some links to the like-minded:

Ink Different With These 7 Sensibly Priced Fountain Pens (via Wired)
Oh look, Wired’s writing about inexpensive fountain pens.
Nibs, flossing, and shims (via Vintage Pen News)
When experience talks, listen. Especially when it’s David Nishimura talking about flossing and shimming nibs.
Wet and wide: medium stub from FPnibs (via UK Fountain Pens)
More love for

I’m deciding what pen to buy next, so if you have a moment, let me know which one you’d like to see reviewed in an upcoming post.

Economical Links for 2017.06.30

Some links to the like-minded:

My Favorite, and Least Favorite, Starter Fountain Pens (via Fountain Pen Follies)
Laura discusses some common “starter pens,” and her opinions are very similar to my own.
A peek at the Perkeo; first impressions of the new Kaweco cartridge pen (via
Introducing Nemosine Inks! (via Goulet Pens)
Nemosine is releasing their own line of ink, and the prices look good.
Taroko Design A5 Notebook (via 7thedaniel)
For my friends in the UK, here’s a reasonably-priced way to get your ink-stained mitts on some Tomoe River paper. (Now that I’m traveling to Europe more, do I need to start smuggling bringing over some Seven Seas notebooks with me or what?)
Review: Yoobi Journal (via Comfortable Shoes Studio)
A hardbound notebook that lays flat and can be had for as little as $3, with a donation to schools for every notebook sold? If you’re not that picky about your paper, this could be a winner.

In other news, I’ve started posting economical links to this magazine on Flipboard as I find them.

Economical Links for 2017.06.23

Some links to the like-minded:

Attack of the Clones: Jinhao 922 & Delike New Moon (via Nib & Muck)
Warnings about the Jinhao 992/922 aside, Laura is enjoying hers, and she also discusses another pen, the Delike New Moon — if Chinese knock-off pens are your thing.
Nemosine Singularity Stub Nib Fountain Pen Review (via The Pen Addict)
Kaweco Ice Sport Black Fountain Pen Review (via The Pencilcase Blog)
Nib Newbs! Jason and Kim discuss the TWSBI Eco (via Anderson Pens)
I don’t usually bother with videos, but these two have a nice rapport, and they’re discussing one of the most economical pens around.
Ask The Desk: Platinum Carbon Ink & Student Pens (via The Well-Appointed Desk)
Ana tackles a question about the Platinum Preppy, and suggests some non-fountain pens for poor students.
a simple DIY leather case (via Bleistift)
A simple design for a leather case for a pencil sharpener. This could easily be modified to make a case to protect other things.

And in the midst of all this plastic crackery hubbub, I posted my experiences with the Daiso $1.50 fountain pen.