Economical Links for 2018.01.19


Here are some links to the like-minded…

ClearPens on etsy
Someone is selling Jinhao 992s and Wing Sung 618s modified with fude nibs. Interesting! (I have no experience with this seller, so buyer beware.)
Fountain Pen Review: Wing Sung 618 Demonstrator (via The Well-Appointed Desk)
Ana takes on the chimeric 618.
Review: Sheaffer Pop Glossy Lime Fountain Pen (via Gourmet Pens)
I still think these are overpriced at $20, but this review is a good overview of what you’d get.
CHINESE PEN NEWS YOU NEED TO KNOW | JAN 2018 (via Frank Underwater)
Fantasticpaper Color A5 Notebook Review (via the pencilcase blog)
For those of you in Europe, here’s a reasonably-priced A5-ish sized notebook with fountain pen friendly paper.
Cross my Heart and Hope to Dye It, with Cross Violet (via Fountain PenArchy)
Diamine Ink | Hope Pink (via Her Nibs)
How to Resist Temptation (via Fountain Pen Follies)
Delay all dayyyyyy…

The [nib] blank is rolled several times through this machine to give it the proper length and thickness. After rolling, the nib of every pen is stiffened and rendered springy by hammering. This is an important step in the manufacture of the pen, as the elasticity of the nib depends entirely upon this operation.
Scientific American, November 15, 1879


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